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What to do with your referral for a home sleep test with ResMed

Well done on getting your referral to get a home sleep test with ResMed! The next thing to do is to call our team for an appointment. We'll then schedule a time for you to pick up the home sleep test equipment. Our friendly staff will guide you through everything else you need to do, so there's no need to stress. Here's what you can expect.

If we haven't received your referral from your referring doctor when you call, we'll likely ask you to send it through. We'll then email you some forms to sign before your appointment. For your convenience, you can complete these on your phone or computer.

At the appointment, we'll provide you with all the sleep testing equipment and setup instructions. A ResMed sleep coach* will also be available to help you over the phone should you need support.

Here are some dos and don'ts to help you prepare for your home sleep test:

  • Familiarise yourself and set up your test equipment early
  • Shower at least an hour before your bedtime
  • Wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes
  • Avoid applying moisturisers or creams to your face or upper body
  • Keep at least one finger free of nail polish (the one your test attaches to).

Once you're set up and in bed, try and sleep as you usually would. You need to keep the sleep testing equipment on all night, though, and only remove when you get up to start the day. It's okay to keep the equipment on if you get up during the night, but don't get it wet!

After you complete the test, you should pack all the equipment into the sleep testing bag and return it to a ResMed clinic the same morning. We need it to send your sleep data off to the reporting team promptly as well as to clean the equipment for the next user.

We'll send your sleep test results to your referring doctor once our reporting sleep physician has reported on it – usually within two weeks. And we'll keep a copy of your report on our secure patient management system, which you can review with a ResMed sleep coach*.

If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ's or contact our team on 1800 737 63 or at sleeptest@resmed.com.au.


* ResMed Sleep Coaches are sales and customer service representatives who have received training in sleep health. They can give general information about sleep health, sleep disorders and products that may help improve your sleep. They are not qualified healthcare professionals and cannot provide medical advice. We recommend you continue to consult your GP.