NightOwl App - Error Code 05 (ECO5)

Find out what this error code could mean for your sleep test.

Uh oh! Looks like there were some problems with last night’s sleep test. Not to worry, let’s walk through on how we can fix this. 

  • Insufficient data

It seems like we don’t have enough data to analyse your results. You need to sleep with the device for at least 4 hours in order for us to provide an analysis of your sleep. Try repeating the test again tonight, make sure you clock in those ZZZ’s!

  • Poor signal quality

It appears that the sensor was incorrectly wrapped around your finger. Having the sensor on too tight or too loose can cause errors with the test. There is no need to strap the device tightly. If you experience any discomfort, readjust the adhesive wrap so the sensor gently attaches to your finger, without stretching the wrap. Similarly, the sensor should not be too loose. As long as the sensor maintains contact with your finger and stays in position during the night, we will be able to collect data for your sleep test.

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