NightOwl App - Error Code 04 (ECO4)

Find out what this error code means.

Uh oh! Looks like there were some problems with last night’s sleep test. Not to worry, let’s walk through on how we can fix this. 

  • Insufficient data

It seems like we don’t have enough data to analyse your results. You need to sleep with the device for at least 4 hours in order for us to provide an analysis of your sleep. Try repeating the test again tonight, make sure you clock in those ZZZ’s!

  • Bluetooth instability

It seems like your smartphone cannot maintain a constant Bluetooth connection with the NightOwl sensor. This could be caused by the NightOwl sensor being out of range of the smartphone. We advise you keep your smartphone within a 2 metre radius of your bed.

If your NightOwl sensor was already within range, the issue could be with your smartphone. You can avoid this issue by using an alternative smartphone or tablet. Open the instruction email we sent you on your new smart device. Follow the steps in the email to download and configure the app. You should be able to continue your home sleep test for the remaining nights.

Need more support? The ResMed team would love to have a chat with you! You can reach us on 1800 737 633. Alternatively, you can email us on