I will be travelling with my therapy machine. Is there anything I should know?

Here are a few things you should think about when travelling with your therapy machine.

There are a few things to consider when travelling with a CPAP, APAP or bilevel sleep apnea machine:

  • Humidifiers use a substantial amount of power. If you are travelling somewhere using a DC converter or battery then you should consider detaching or turning off your humidifier.
  • Therapy machines are medical devices and should not count towards your luggage allowance. Always carry your device separately and consider keeping a copy of your script and a travel letter in your bag. If you do not have these documents, please contact us so we can try and help you source them.
  • When transporting your machine, always empty the humidifier tub to avoid water damage and place it in its own compartment in the carry bag.
  • When sleeping on an airplane, do not use your humidifier as turbulence increases the risk of water spillage and damage to the machine.
  • If you’re using a sleep apnea machine with built-in wireless connectivity on a plane, always enable Airplane Mode. See your user guide for instructions.