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How do I disassemble and assemble my AirFit P10 (for AirMini) nasal pillows mask?

Follow these steps.

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  1. First disconnect the air tube by twisting it away from the vent module.
  2. To disconnect the vent module from the AirMini tubing, simply hold them in opposite hands and twist them away from each other. If HumidX or HumidX Plus was used, remove this.
  3. To remove the pillows, hold the hard top above the mask tube, and then squeeze and pull the pillows out.
  4. To take the headgear off, pull at the fabric’s bottom end (just behind the headgear node) to find a small opening.
  5. You can pull the fabric up and slide it out of each arm of the frame.

These instructions are for general information purpose only. For full details consult the user guide.