How can I alleviate ear or sinus discomfort caused by therapy?

There are a few suggestions to help with discomfort from mask fitting to mask type.

There are many causes of ear and sinus discomfort, and many ways to treat it. Here are some suggestions:

  • Make sure your mask is fitted correctly and is not leaking. The dry air caused by leak can create discomfort
  • If you are also waking with a dry mouth then consider switching to a full face mask to prevent air releasing from your mouth and drying out your throat
  • Increase your humidification level by small increments as this will add more moisture to the air you are breathing in
  • Call us on 1800 737 633 to discuss your pressure. You may feel more comfortable on an auto-adjusting therapy machine (APAP)
  • Consider using a nasal spray such as Nozoil to prevent dryness in the nose

If you have tried these and feel they have been unsuccessful, contact your GP to discuss these issues further.