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Patient and product support are an important element of ResMed's background services that we continue to strive and make widely available and accessible to all ResMed users.

Over the past while, many of our ResMed Authorised Dealer (RAD) network members have requested for a single resource to help provide their consumers with as much ResMed information possible digitally.

While this sounds simplistic in execution, because ResMed prides on providing the best clinical and ethical outcomes for our consumers, we have a set of regulatory rules that must be met that stops us from providing information or materials through channels and platforms on which we would have no ability to later adjust, should a requirement occur. 

With that in mind, and after careful consideration and consultation of the risks involved, the team at ResMed has been able to collate as much video content available to be made available for you linked on this article, but also from the RAD Launch Pad

Below you will find individual links to most of ResMed's current product lines and their series of support videos produced. From our AirFit F20 mask released 4 years ago to the latest AirFit N30 mask, there is no other collated source of information available.

You would have noticed that we have used YouTube as our sharing platform as is accessible by most mediums, and it also allows the flexibility for our RADs to embed the videos directly into your own website support pages if you wish to do so. Any supporting text that are paired with the videos, are either captioned, or is also able to be downloaded.

Click below to view support videos of ResMed's current product lines

airsense-10AirFit P10AirFit F20myAirAirMini-2AirTouch F20Airfit N20 ClassicAirFit N30iAirFit P30i-1AirFit F30AirFit N30




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